Sopala Hut


If you are looking for the wilderness hut atmosphere, you can definitely find it at the Sopala hut. This small hut , hidden between two ridges at the end of a narrow fjordlike bay this hut offers a rustic shelter for paddlers as well as other travellers.  You can arrive by the water or drive into the yard with a motor vehicle.  Distance by the waterways from Puumala village is approx 28 km. By road 31 km.

The hut offers beds loosely for 2 persons, or more intimately max 4 persons, however there is plenty more room outside for several tents.

Hut furniture:

  • 140 cm wide bunkbed
  • Gas stove
  • Cutlery and dishes for 6 persons, coffee-pot and tea-kettle. Frying pan and a pot
  • Sauna
  • Drytoilet
  • a cool cellar pit outside the hut.
  • Water for the sauna carried by hand in buckets.
  • well for drinking water
  • rowing boat

Checking in at  15:00 and checking out at 12:00

Price: 90€/day/4 persons. Extra persons 15€/person in your own tents.