We rent single and double kayaks, open canoes and outdoor equipment that are suitable also for longer trips and tours and make your canoeing experience pleasant. We also rent dry suits for cold water canoeing. Book your equipment well in advance and make sure that it suits your needs even during the most active canoeing season!

Rentals include: kayak/canoe, paddles, life jackets and spraydecks. If needed, we will also transport the equipment to you or pick you up at the end of the canoeing trip from desired destination. Transportation 30 € / departure + 1 € / km.

RENTAL TIME DAILY 9 am to 7 pm

If you have no previous paddling experience or have never received tips on paddling, we recommend that you book either a quick or basic introduction to the proper use of equipment and paddling technique when renting. Your first experience of paddling will be much more enjoyable and safer when you know how to use your equipment properly and get tips on the right paddling technique.


Kayaks & Canoes

Single Kayak

Good quality single kayak for enjoyable experience on the waters and for longer excursion. Price: 50€/day Extra days for overnight trips: 30€/day Rental Includes: single kayak, spray deck, paddle, personal...
From 50€

Double Kayak Star Nova 630

Extra Good quality double kayak for enjoyable experience on the waters and longer excursion. Star 630 and Star 630 Nova are domestic fiberglass or fiberglass-diolen double kayaks. The model is...
From 70€

Double Kayak Star Duo

The Star Duo is a plastic double kayak with rudder. Suitable for day trips as well as shorter overnight trips. Due to its stability, it is also suitable for beginners....
From 60€

Open canoe for two person

Very Good open canoes are suitable for longer excursions as well as for family paddling. Models are Swift (Dumoine, Yukon,), Bell – Eveningstar Price: 50 € / day (incl. 24%...
From 50€

Open Canoe for three person

Very Good quality open canoes are suitable for longer excursions as well as for family paddling. Models are Swift (Dumoine, Yukon,), Bell – Eveningstar Price: 60 € / day (incl....
From 60€

Camping Equipment

Bergans: 4085 Tyrsil 2- tunnel tent

A stable , yet easy to pack  2 -person tent Accomodates: 2 persons weight: 2.5 kg Inside dimensions (width x length x height): 135 x 220 x 90 cm water...

Helsport: Nordmarka 2, tunnel tent

A lightweight and functional 3-season trekking tent for two persons. A vestibule on the front. The tent is very stable in highwinds and has good ventilation. Inner height: 120 cm...

Halti: Alfa 2 XPD, tunnel tent

An easy to setup tunnel tent. A good choice for summer outings, keeps out the wind and the water, fits two and  has luxurious amounts of room for the single...

Halti, Alfa 4 tunnel tent

A 4 season tunnel tent made by Halti, that fits 4 persons.  It has a spacious vestibule and is easy to set up.

Halti: Hike and Bike 4, dome tent

A roomy 3-season dome tent for 3 or 4 persons. PLenty of room for equipment. Two entrances and vestibules Specifications:  – Weight: 4300g – Inner height: 100cm – Material of...

Sleeping bag

We have several different types of sleeping bags suited for different weather and sizes. Also small sizes for younger campers.

Expedit syn-mat, sleeping mattress

Inflatable sleeping mattress, insulated. Specifications: Length: 183 cm Width: 52 cm Thickness: 7 cm Weight: 855 g R-Value: 4,8

Expedit Sim sleeping mattress

Inflatable sleeping mattress: specifications: – R-value: 4,0 – Dimensions: 52 x 183 x 3,8 cm – weight of mattress: 875 g – weight of storagebag: 25 g

Trangia cooker

Trangia has been making outdoor cookers for over 50 years!  The basic principles of the cooker are the same as it was in the early days: A sturdy setup, with...

Eating utensils

Kuksas (Cups), bowls and cutlery.

Hanhiniitty -kädentaitoja, luontoelämyksiä ja hyvän elämän edellytyksiä saimaan upean saaristoluonnon sydämessä