Icekayaking equipment – double

You can paddle with us all year round. When the paddling waters get cold, paddling is only safe with proper paddling equipment. From October, until the waters warm up in the early summer, we rent a kayaking equipment package, which includes a kayak/canoe, a paddle, an opening cover, a phone bag and vests, as well as a dry suit, paddle shoes, paddle gloves and a sheep pulley for the bottom of the kayak. You can also book just a kayak or canoe with equipment from us as usual, if you have your own dry suit. Otherwise, always reserve this set when you want to go on the water in cold weather.

If necessary, we will transport the equipment to the center of Puumala for an additional price of €50 (import + pickup). The center is located along the Puumalansalmi and the strait is unfrozen for paddling all year round.

Please note that self-guided winter kayaking requires good basic kayaking skills.

You should never go paddling alone!