Double Kayak Star Nova 630

Extra Good quality double kayak for enjoyable experience on the waters and longer excursion. Star 630 and Star 630 Nova are domestic fiberglass or fiberglass-diolen double kayaks. The model is fast and stable enough even for beginners. Very suitable for long trips and fitness kayaking. The model is considered to be the fastest and easiest touring double kayak on the market.

Price: 70€/day

Extra days for overnight trips: 50€/day

Rental Includes: double kayak, spray decks, paddle, personal flotation devices, waterproof case for mobile phone (one/group), map and compass.

Rental time daily from 9 am to 7 pm.

If you have no previous experience of kayaking, you should book short or long briefing ( 1/2 h or 1 h) , when renting paddling equipment.  Your first experience of paddling will be much more enjoyable and safer when you know how to use your equipment properly and get tips on the right paddling technique.