Ukonsaari Cottage


Ukonsaari is located a short paddling distance away from the Katosselkä waters, which is one of the best kept secrets of the Puumala area.

The cottage has a very minimalist furnishing, one that is sufficient for a simple yet relaxing vacation. From the high cliff, one can spend the day just enjoying the scenery and quite possible spot a grey-ringed seal swimming by!

The Sauna , literally just by, rather on the lake, one can just about ‘step into the lake’  and enjoy the refreshing cool swim.

Pricing starting at. 100€/day (max persons. extra persons 10€/day)

Cottage furniture:

  • 2 x 90 cm wide bunk-beds in the cottage ( for 4 persons) . (In a separate hut another two bunk-beds at 80 cm wide.)
  • Gas stove
  • Woodburning stove
  • open fireplace
  • Dishes and cutlery for 6 persons, Coffee and teapot, Fryingpan and pot.
  • Solarpowered lights and refrigerator
  • sauna
  • outhouse
  • guest hut

Checking in at  15:00 and checking out at 12:00

Water for the sauna carried by hand in buckets. Bring your own drinking water. (option to buy bottled water 4€/ 5 liter canisters

Price :100€/day/4 persons. extra persons 10€/hlö

Inquiries and reservations:

  • + 358 505487653