My own private paddling training

Have you ever wanted to try kayaking or canoeing? Book a private session for yourself or a group of friends to learn the basics of kayaking or canoeing, and see if it’s something you can enjoy.

Over the course of four hours, we’ll go over the basics of paddling and equipment in a kayak or open canoe. We always plan the content according to the wishes of the participants. One person wants to try out what it feels like to fall over, another wants to get through the whole thing with dry feet, and a third pne wants to go on a trip right away.

After this paddling session, you will be able to decide whether paddling has become a permanent part of your life and whether you will continue on this route or whether it is enough just to have tried it.

Duration: 4 hours

Price: 250€/person + 50€/extra person

The price includes quality paddling equipment and your own paddling coach for four hours.

You can crown a day by booking your own private Sauna session in Hanhiniitty´s atmospheric, wood-heated beach sauna.

You can book this via our online shop. A request for quatation is sent from the order, which we confirme after checking the suitability of the time.