Saimaa Ringed Seal Route

Self guided paddling trip 2 nights, 3 days in the Lake Saimaa archipelago. Stay overnight in natural luxury, with your own group in a glamping tent with a fireplace and in a small cabin with a sauna on your own islands in the middle of the best Ringed Seal waters.

Saimaa Canoeing paddling routes are particularly interesting, and include payable services. These routes include overnight stays on designated, private campsites and cabins. It makes your paddling trip easy, safe and very sustainable.

The Saimaa Ringed Seal (Finnish Saimaannorppa)  is a subspecies and glacial relict of ringed seal. They are among the most endangered seals in the world, having a total population of only about 400 individuals. 

During the Saimaa ringed seal observation tour, you will navigate the beautiful archipelago and paddle across several areas where the endemic seals dwell. We will prepare you how to spot the Saimaa seals and to make your independent trip safely. On your first night you can enjoy camping on your private island. For the second night, you will stay in a small paddlers’ cabin with a sauna, located on an island, which is often surrounded by endemic Saimaa seals. The island covers 10 hectares (nearly 25 acres). 

The route is suitable for those with a little previous kayaking or canoeing and camping experience. If you are a beginner, book a two-person kayak and train for Saimaa Ringed Seal paddling. Please note that you can book your own guide for the first day of the excursion. The guide guides you to the beginning of the kayaking trip and to move in nature safely and responsibly.

Departure dates: Departure for the route on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays.

Please ask about other available departure dates separately.

Routemap: Saimaa Ringed Seal Route

Departure point: Saimaa Canoeing, Ylössaarentie 84, 52200 Puumala. You can come to us either by your own car or by public transport. Read more about arriving by public transport here: Arrival

Schedule:  Departure at noon and return by 6 pm. Accommodation sites are available after 3 pm and they have to be vacated by noon.

If you want to arrive at the destination a day earlier, you can stay the first night at the starting point of the route in Tiny Guest House or in a Glamping tent.

Paddling trips and overnight stays along the route:

1st Day: minimum distance 4 km / overnight stay in Heremit Island (Erakkosaari)

2nd Day: minimum distance 11 km / overnight stay in Jänissaari (Jänissaari)

3th Day: minimum paddling distance 10 km and return to the Saimaa Canoeing paddling base.

It is easy to increase the paddling distance of each paddling day by slightly changing the itinerary.

You can also get all the necessary equipment from us or the equipment you lack for the trip. All you need is your own personal clothes and camping food. After booking, we will send you a list of your own necessary equipment.

Route service fee: 180€/ 1 – 2 persons, additional persons + 60€ (max 4 persons). For larger groups, ask for a separate offer. 

The route service fee includes:

  • route maps and directions, compass
  • Accommodation: 1st night in a Glamping tent with travel cots and 2nd night in a canoeing cabin with a sauna
  • instructions for the trip and equipment list by email after booking
  • Daily phone assistance in emergencies from 9 am to 7 pm. Serious emergencies always call 112!
  • departure point services: free car park, drinking water, waste recycling point, Dry toilet)
  • Local information about en-route services, landscapes and special sites (glacial erratics, caves, etc.)

Additional services:

  • High-quality paddling equipment for the route, including kayak or canoe, vests, paddles, phone bag, Dry bags for kayaks or equipment barrels for canoes. At least sleeping bags and a change of clothes must be packed waterproof.
    • Spacious double kayak 185€
    • Open canoe for two persons 135€
    • Single kayak 125€
  • Dry suit for the duration of the trip 75€/person. For safety reasons, a dry suit is mandatory when paddling with single kayaks or open canoes when the water is below 15 degrees
  • Camping equipment (sleeping bag + sleeping bag sheet, kettle, cooking and eating utensils, EA package) 60€/person
  • Training for Ringed Seal tour 80€ /group duration approx. 2  hours
  • Own guide for the first day of paddling €180/group. Duration approx. 4 h
  • Firewood at campsites 5€/box. You can pay separately for firewood, and
    avoid paying for any unused wood, as lighting a fire is not always permitted during forest fire warning seasons. Paid after the trip according to usage.
  • Drinking water at campsites, if necessary, 4€/5 l. Paid after the trip according to usage.
  • Traditional wood-heated sauna by the shore after the excursion 70€/group
  • Accommodation before the trip in Rantatupa 90€ / 2 persons + additional persons Tentsile accommodation 20€/person
  • Accommodation before the trip in a glamping tent 70€ / 2 persons + additional persons 20€

You can also book your tour by contacting us directly by phone/e-mail + 358 50 5487653 /